June 14, 2024

Award Winning Broker Joins eXp Realty in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Award Winning Broker Joins 73,000 Agents Worldwide at eXp Realty LLC


Eric Miller a broker associate with eXp Realty Fort Lauderdale, Member of the Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale, and Member of the Master Brokers of Broward County made a move to a different real-estate company, eXp Realty, after over a decade at the same company. In a business where many realtors move from company to company, realtors such as Eric Miller have stayed with companies for many years throughout their careers. The move to eXp Realty Ft Lauderdale was sort of a big deal.  As the former President of Dr. Denton, the Children’s Pajama Company, Miller joined Arvida Realty in 2000 launching a career change over 20 years ago. His first branding change came when Arvida was sold to Coldwell Banker, and the most recent change came at end to 2020 when he joined eXp Realty LLC. For customers used to using his numerous web sites nothing changed at FortLauderdaleGroup.com or FTLRealEstate.com other than the eXp Realty Fort Lauderdale branding.eXp Realty

Who is eXp Realty LLC?

eXp Realty LLC was founded in 2009 and contrary to many stories was one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the world prior to the Covid pandemic. The virtual reality office and worldwide communication network of exp Realty was a natural for realtors long before the stay-at-home orders that brought the company even faster growth. Exp Realty, under the umbrella of eXp World Holdings became a public company in 2013 and trades under the symbol of EXPI. In addition to 73,000 agents under exp Realty LLC, the company consists of eXp Global, eXp Commercial, Virbela, Showcase IDX, and Success. In 2006 a Sun Sentinel article quoted the owner of a local real estate company as saying “Eric works harder than most Realtors I’ve seen in my career. His commitment to his clients and the industry are why Eric is so successful. He stops at nothing to satisfy his clients real estate needs and I’m proud to have him on our team”. Today this is exactly the way Eric feels about his home at eXp Realty in Ft Lauderdale and how eXp Realty LLC works with their agents, and clients, and is proud to be part of the team at eXp Realty Fort Lauderdale.

Thinking about a career in Real Estate Anywhere

Eric Miller is licensed in both Florida and North Carolina. When Eric Miller was at his former company, he stepped up to teach many real estate classes from contracts to new construction and is sincerely proud of the fact that many of his classes were the most well attended events in the office. At eXp Realty LLC Eric completed training as an eXP Realty Mentor and currently is working with numerous agents personally as their mentor. The mentor program at eXp Realty is unique and is something that I am proud to be a part of. Eric is quick to admit that when he made his career change two decades ago, he had many misconceptions about what a career in real estate looked like. Today he is always willing to take a call from someone thinking about a career in real estate, a new agent, or someone thinking of making a move to a new company. I wont look back and say I wish had joined eXp Realty sooner, but I will say, “I am happy to be with eXp Realty LLC and proud to be there today”. Eric Miller can be reached at Eric@FortLauderdaleGroup.com