February 24, 2024

News in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

La Preserve

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate has some big news on the horizon as we approach the next cycle of stablization of the the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market. Tightening inventory in Ft Lauderdale Real Estate is leading to prices that are starting to hold. Steady prices give builders visability to what they can afford to pay for land and building costs and still make a profit, while selling at totadys discounted prices. With the visability, come plans for Ft Lauderdale new construction, and activity on projects that long been sitting idle. Short on details we will not go into full disclosurer mode at this point, but lets just leave it as this homeowner, and local realtor is happy hear that one of the largest pieces of developable single family homes East of 95 in Broward County now has plans swirling around. A well respected builder is currently working on plans for approxiamtely 36 new construction homes East of 95 in Ft Lauderdale. In Fort Lauderdale Real Estate today this will be Browards only brand new planned community east of 95. If you have been thinking about purchasing Fort Lauderdale Real Estate but a new home such as the ones built at La Preserve is on your wish list now is the time to contact Eric Miller, execute a buyers representation agreement and be the first to here about these new single family homes to be build in Fort Lauderdale. Curious about details and want to be the first to hear Contact Eric Miller today and lets meet personally to discuss this great potential opportunity in Fort Lauderdale Real Estate.